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6 & 12 Core 2010-2013 Mac Pro
6 & 12 Core 2010-2013 Mac Pro
4 & 8 Core 2009-2013 Mac Pro
4 & 8 Core 2008 Mac Pro
4 & 8 Core 2006 Mac Pro

  Welcome to Mac RAM Direct... Your source for Premium HyperVelocity and Apple Factory Genuine OEM RAM Memory

 Mac RAM Direct is the number one global source for fully certified and validated Apple exact parts. We offer both our award winning premium HyperVelocity memory plus the Apple factory OEM modules as well.

  Countless Hollywood studios rely on Mac RAM Direct memory to help produce their next blockbusters.
  Mac RAM Direct HyperVelocity memory is running in unknown numbers of NYC video production houses, Nashville recording studios and used by thousands of other schools, musicians, designers and artists around the world.
  HyperVelocity memory is helping run many large universities , television networks and stations plus many goverment divisions from the Office of Homeland Security to the US Navy and NASA.

Mac RAM Direct is a
Registered Apple Developer
Apple Developer

HyperVelocity Nanya Hynix SamsungMicron


 For all Mac models we offer both our Premium, Certified and fully Validated HyperVelocity memory modules plus we also carry the Apple factory exact OEM Micron, Nanya and Hynix parts for those who want Apple exact parts. Everything we supply are fully JEDEC and SPD Mac spec modules and come with our Full Lifetime Warranty. That is EVERYTHING we sell comes with our Full Lifetime Warranty, including the Apple OEM parts... vs the 1 year for the exact same parts if purchased from Apple.

 Mac RAM Direct is proud to be a Tier 1 memory supplier to NASA, supplying RAM in countless of their mission critical Mac Pro machines. Ask those who really know Apple hardware...they'll tell you "Mac RAM Direct" is the premium memory leader.

 Please select your specific Mac model ... Mac Pro, iMac , Mini, MacBook Pro, we supply them all!

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