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G4 Power Mac - Mac RAM Direct - Discount Certified HyperVelocity and Apple Factory OEM Power Mac RAM Memory Supplier
Power Mac

Apple G4 PowerMac Models

Within the G4 PowerMac family there are 3 distinct series that each have their own specific architectures. The latest DDR Mirrored Door machines, the earlier Quicksilver, Graphite and Sawtooth series and finally the very early PCI Yikes! models. Our exclusive premium certified HyperVelocity modules deliver the highest possible performance you can get for your G4 PowerMac. Please select your specific model in order to choose the correct memory modules.

Whenever applicable, Mac RAM Direct will spec upgrades in the form of modules capable of faster speeds than originally supplied. Remember, faster RAM is like Premium gasoline where even if your car uses 87 octane Regular, she'll purr like a kitten with the higher octane juice. The same holds true for RAM. Enjoy!

Please select your specific Power Mac model ... or just scroll down the page from newest to oldest models:


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Not sure?... Check your Profiler - "About this Mac" model identifier
Mirror Door "MDD"
QuickSilver &
Digital Audio
PowerMac3,4 PowerMac3,5
G4 Cube


AGP Graphics
Sawtooth & Graphite
PowerMac3,1 , PowerMac3,3
PCI Graphics "Yikes"

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