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G5 Power Mac - Mac RAM Direct - Discount Certified HyperVelocity and Apple Factory OEM RAM Memory Supplier
Power Mac

Apple G5 PowerMac Models

Within the G5 Power Mac family there are 2 distinct models that each have their own specific architectures. The Original 1st Generation models that use DDR RAM and the later 2nd Generation machine that use DDR2 RAM. Our exclusive premium certified HyperVelocity modules deliver the highest possible performance you can get for your G5 PowerMac.

  Not 100% Sure which RAM is correct for your model? Go to your "About this Mac" then "Memory" and "More Info", if the speed shown is PC2-4200 then yours is the later "2nd Generation" model, listed on the top of this page. If the speed shown is PC-3200 then you have one of the original "1st Generation" models, listed down further. Please carefully select your specific model in order to choose the correct memory modules.

Whenever applicable, Mac RAM Direct will supply upgraded modules capable of faster speeds than the factory originally supplied. Faster RAM is not unlike Premium gasoline for your vehicle, where even if your auto can use 87 octane Regular, she'll purr like a kitten with the higher octane products. Similar qualities hold true for RAM. Enjoy!

Please select your specific Power Mac model ... or just scroll down the page from newest to oldest models:


Mac RAM Direct is a
Registered Apple Developer


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Late 2005-2006
Mid 2004- Late 2005
Mid 2003- Mid 2004
6 & 12 Core 2010-2013 Mac Pro
6 & 12 Core 2010-2013 Mac Pro
6 & 12 Core 2010-2013 Mac Pro

2.0, 2.3Ghz Dual Core
& 2.5GHz Quad Core

2rd Generation DDR2
Dual Core, Quad Core


1.8 2.0 2.3 2.5 2.7GHz
Dual Processor Models

1st Generation DDR
Dual Processor

1.6 1.8 & 2.0GHz

1st Generation DDR
Single Processor



Mac RAM Direct is a
Registered Apple Developer
Apple Developer


Electrostatic discharge precautions, Please Click Here.

G5 Power Mac
Dual & Quad Core

Power Mac

2.0, 2.3 & 2.5GHz Models

G5 "DUAL CORE & QUAD CORE" Power Mac specs All Single and Twin Processor "Dual Core" Models "2nd Gen G5"
  • Model ID: PowerMac11,2
  • For These G5 models: M9590LL/ , M9591LL/A , M9592LL/A plus "Build-to-Order" models...
  • MUST INSTALL IN PAIRS - May use Non-ECC DDR2 or ECC DDR2 (error Correcting) If using ECC, ALL installed RAM MUST be ECC*
  • MAKE CERTAIN YOURS IS A GEN 2 MODEL: Go to your About this Mac then Memory and More Info, speed must display as DDR2-533 or PC2-4200, if it says DDR-400 or PC-3200 then yours is a Gen 1 model... scroll below to the Gen 1 model listings.
processor speed 2.0, 2.3 Dual Core & 2.5GHz Quad Core
built in memory 0
memory type DDR2-533 (PC2-4200) 240 pin (may be ECC upgraded if preferrred)
memory slots 8
maximum memory 16GB
Fully Certified •Validated • Lifetime HyperVelocity®
DDR2-533 PC2-4200 Premium Memory

Apple® Factory
OEM Original
"Samsung" Memory
2GB Kit 2 1GB DIMMs (2x1GB) Premium HyperVelocity®
$59.67   Buy
Apple® Factory Memory
$89.74   Buy
4GB Kit 4 1GB DIMMs (4x1GB) Premium HyperVelocity®
$89.67   Buy
Apple® Factory Memory
$129.74 Buy
4GB Kit 2 2GB DIMMs (2x2GB) Premium HyperVelocity®
$59.67   Buy
Apple® Factory Memory
$69.74   Buy
8GB Kit 4 2GB DIMMs (4x2GB) Premium HyperVelocity®
$99.67   Buy
Apple® Factory Memory
$119.74 Buy
16GB Kit 8 2GB DIMMs ...WOW..For MacPro like Performance! (8x2GB) Premium HyperVelocity®
$169.67 Buy
Apple® Factory Memory
$189.74 Buy
  • Special Apple exact spec DDR2-533 PC2-4200 modules
  • 16GB Max in ALL models
  • Apple factory currently ships with SAMSUNG modules
  • We have ECC parts for these machines too..Just inquire!

Installation instructions for Power Mac here.