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Installing RAM in the Mini

 It is perfectly fine with your Apple warranty to self install RAM in your new Mac Mini. All you need to do is carefully remove the cover, pop out the old RAM and pop in the new.

A thin putty knife is the only tool you'll need.

First, touch any metal on the Mini to discharge any staitic electricity from your body.

Place Mac mini upside down. And carefully insert the putty knife and pry one side.


Insert the putty knife into opposite side and front and slowly pry the cover off.

View with the top cover removed.

The Mini has just one memory slot, standard memory size is 256MB. You'll need more for OS X.

1GB Apple DIMM from Apple is $425. No way Jose'!

 Swing the clips on each and on the module down to release the module. Carefully unwrap the new module being carefull to handle only by the edges and never touching the gold pins. Install the new module being certain to fully insert and clip into position.

 Snap the cover back on and you're done!



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