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RMA - Mac RAM Direct - Discount Certified HyperVelocity and Apple Factory OEM RAM Memory Supplier

Mac RAM Direct Return Authorization Procedure

 If you have an MRD product you believe to be faulty, please follow this guide then submit the form below when ready.

  Isolating any single faulty module from other perfectly functioning modules is fully the responsibility of the user. Swapping modules through a process of elimination will quickly isolate any faulty module from the others. In all of our years in business and thousands upon thousands of modules sold we have yet to find more than one failed part in a system. Still there are customers that will insist 2 or 4 or more modules in their system are bad .. it is never the case and is actually a statistically near zero possibility.
 In the past years we had far more perfectly functioning modules returned to us than failed ones, for this reason we strictly adhere to our policy of issuing ONE RMA for ONE part for each return request. Our Tech department will gladly assist with any questions as to the procedure of isolating a questionable part if need be. All RMA returns will undergo a full battery of tests upon arrival for a fee of $20 per module. The test fee will be waived if the RMA part fails any of our tests and a warranty replacement part will be processed and returned to the user. Any Unauthorized or non-faulty returns to MRD will be returned to sender COD along with a $20/ module testing, shipping and processing fee.

  We allow ONE returned module per RMA. Full and complete troubleshooting procedures must always first be performed before an RMA will be issued. Removing all RAM and adding one or two modules at a time and running the machine then swapping out for other modules is the MOST effective method in isolating a faulty module. Always using caution from static and never touching the gold pins and triple checking the RAM is fully seated and clipped in it's slot.

 Basic return shipping/ processing is Free for each RMA issued for US customers. International customers may select basic or express return shipping for varied fees.

 Our warranty return policy has been abused by a few which has forced us to tighten our return procedures. We are happy to replace any failed module however we cannot and will not receive, test and return perfectly functioning modules because the user was unwilling to take the time to isolate the one possibly faulty module in a system... systems these days that can have as much as 128GB installed! Please read and understand the terms of this agreement



RMA Request Form... ALL Fields are Required

 The Mac RAM Direct warranty applies to original customers only and all requests must include a copy of the original sales receipt.
 Please provide invoice number and date of purchase:
  Date of purchase:
 *Incomplete or inaccurate submissions will not be processed
Have you conclusively isolated the faulty part? 

Does the module in question have a Mac RAM Direct sticker on it?

No returns will be accepted without the original and untampered MRD stickers

Please select your specific Computer and RAM information: 



Your contact eMail address:

Please enter your name and
the address you want the
replacement part sent to.

Customers are responsible for
basic shipping fees.

State/ Province
Postal Code

Return Shipping Please Select Your Preferred Shipping Choice for the Return Shipment to be Sent to You.

Return shipping payments may be included in the RMA return or paid via a Paypal invoice.


Please add any comments describing the problem or any concerns you may have here:

Your submission will be processed with in 2 business days   Thank you ...