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Warranty - Mac RAM Direct - Discount Certified HyperVelocity and Apple Factory OEM RAM Memory Supplier

Customer Guarantee

Mac RAM Direct offers a FULL LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY unless otherwise stated against memory product failure as well a 30 day exchange / upgrade policy or refunds when required for 14 days from order date (less shipping). RAM modules are a commodity where great price fluctuations typically occur and therefore we cannot offer refunds do to price fluctuations or other cost variables. Because of the volatile nature of the RAM market up to a 15% restocking fee may be charged on non-defective returns.


All memory products supplied by Mac RAM Direct carry a full "FULL LIMITED LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY" against defects unless specified otherwise such might be the case with specials, closeout or clearance offerings. This warranty applies to the original purchaser and does not apply to physical damage or parts ordered and installed improperly. In the event that later changes to the hardware, system or configuration performed by the user renders the memory product unusable, the remedy shall become the liability of the machine's owner and NOT that of Mac RAM Direct. Since these are self-installed products, Mac RAM Direct's liability shall be limited to the refund or replacement of memory only and is in no way responsible for any damages sustained by the mishandling of hardware. All memory modules have affixed unique Product Identifier labels which are crucial to product identification. Any tampering with or removing of these Product Identifier labels will irrevocably terminate this warranty. Orders placed for the incorrect item may be returned for refund or replacement within the first 30 days however all shipping costs then become the responsibility of the purchaser. Mac RAM Direct shall be responsibility for all shipping costs due to any errors on orders made by Mac RAM Direct. The Mac RAM Direct warranty applies to the original owner only and is not transferable.

Any faulty or failed module must be returned following our RMA procedures. We allow one returned module per RMA and you must request a new RMA for if any other module in question. Full and complete troubleshooting procedures must always first be performed following instructions from the Mac RAM Direct technician before any RMAs will be issued.
 Isolating any single faulty module from other perfectly functioning modules is fully the responsibility of the client. Swapping modules through a process of elimination will quickly isolate any faulty module from the others. Our Tech department will gladly assist with any questions as to the procedure if needed. Any Unauthorized or non-faulty returns will be returned to sender COD along with a $20/ module testing, shipping and processing fee. Customers are responsible for delivery of warranty parts to and from our facility or related shipping costs if so needed please.
 Our warranty return policy has been abused by a few and we now must tighten our return procedures. We are happy to replace any failed module however we cannot and will not receive, test and return perfectly functioning modules because the consumer was unwilling to take the time to isolate the one possibly faulty module in system. Please read and understand the terms of this agreement prior to purchasing. The Mac RAM Direct RMA form can be found here: Warranty Returns


Other Items

All products OTHER THAN MEMORY PRODUCTS, are covered by the warranty issued by the manufacturer of the product. MacRamDirect will accept refunds of these products for fourteen (14) days after the sale. After fourteen days, all warranty and returns must be done through the products manufacturer. All returns, other then for defective items, are subject to a 15% restocking fee (with the exception of memory – which is covered under the Returns Policy). Special Order items, not normally stocked by MacRamDirect, that have been requested by the customer are purchased by the customer under a no refund, no exchange policy. The item description will state 'Special Order, No refunds' on the invoice. This applies only to Special Order items and not to items listed on our website.

Terms and Conditions

The use of this site is governed by the policies, terms and conditions set forth above. Please read them carefully. Your use of this site indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Your placement of an order indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Your submittal of any payment to Mac RAM Direct indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall void any previous terms or conditions included with any order, whether or not such terms, or conditions, were signed by a Mac RAM Direct representative. Mac RAM Direct reserves the right to make changes to this site and these terms and conditions at any time without any notice to our customers.